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Terms and Conditions Applicable to Flor SERVICE Trade, s.r.o. – E-shop (


These terms and conditions apply to purchases in the online store at 


ttp:// as aE-shop FLOR SERVICE Trade“), the operator of which is a company FLOR SERVICE Trade, s.r.o., Id.Nr.02108208, TIN 02108208, based CZ02108208, a company registered in the Commercial Register kept at the Regional Court in Brno, Section C insert 80231(also as aFLOR SERVICE TradeorOperatororSeller“). The terms and conditions further define and specify the rights and obligations of the Operator as a seller in relation to his customers who will purchase the goods from the Operator through the FLOR SERVICE Trade E-shop (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer"). All contractual relations are concluded in accordance with and are governed by the applicable and effective regulations of the Czech Republic. Contractual relations not governed by these Terms and Conditions are governed in particular by the Civil Code (Act No. 89/2012 Coll., as amended) and related regulations. If the Buyer is a consumer, the legal relations between the Seller and the Buyer are governed by the Consumer Protection Act (Act No. 634/1992 Coll., as amended).




If the Buyer is a consumer, the legal relations between the Seller and the Buyer are governed by the Consumer Protection Act (Act No. 634/1992 Coll., as amended).

Obligation of the order




By sending an order to the FLOR SERVICE Trade E-shop, the Buyer confirms bindingly that he agrees to these terms and conditions and that he will withdrawthe ordered goods within the agreed date. The buyer can cancel the order only if the Seller is unable to deliver the ordered goods within the usual delivery date, i.e. within 14 calendar days from the date of ordering.


In the case that the buyer does not withdraw the ordered goods, which will provably be delivered to him within the agreed date, he is aware that the seller can apply an agreed contractual penalty in an amountCZK 500 to the buyer in order to compensate for postal charge, administration of costs associated with unnecessary preparation, shipment and receipt of the shipment. For a contractual penalty, the seller is entitled to issue a tax document – an invoice with the date of payment.


The order of custom-made goods, especially fir wreaths, is binding. Cancellation conditions are 100% of the price of the goods


The seller supplies ordered goods through delivery companies throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia cash on delivery. The buyer is obliged to pay the purchase price for the goods to the driver of the transport company in cash upon handover and receipt of the goods.


Goods ordered with delivery in the Czech Republic can only be paid in Czech crowns against to the respective tax document.





Goods ordered to be delivered to Slovakia can only be paid in EURO currency, against to the respective tax document, whereas the current CZK/EUR exchange rate, which is listed on the Website of the Czech National Bank on the date of issue of the relevant tax document, will be used for the conversion of Czech crown and euro currencies.


Prices of transport in the Czech Republic: The price of cash on delivery is CZK 30 excluding VATThe price for sending 1 package by PPL to the address is 90 CZK excluding VAT. To the distributing point 78 CZK excluding VAT. To Slovakia CZK 190 excluding VAT


DPD to the address is CZK 120 excluding VAT, To the distributing point CZK 78 excluding VAT.To Slovakia CZK 190 excluding VAT


If the transport to the distributing point is selected, the distributing point can be changed during the dispatch, also by the shipping service without giving a reason, this cannot be considered a mistake in delivery.


In the case that the buyer chooses to pay by advance payment, a advance invoice is issued to him on the basis of which he makes the payment with the specified variable symbol. If the advance payment is selected, the goods are sent only after the full amount has been credited to the seller's account.




Bank account in CZK currency:212521983/0600


   Moneta Bank, IBAN:CZ6406000000000212521983


Bank account in EUR currency:0802108208/2010


    Fio Bank, IBAN:CZ6020100000000802108208


The seller reserves the right to change prices. The Buyer will be informed on any change of price by the Seller before the goods are delivered, and the Buyer has the right to cancel or change the order in this respect without any penalty.


In the case of the shipment on delivery is not taken over (withdrawn), the buyer will be asked to pay the agreed contractual penalty as part of an peaceful settlement. The goods can be sent to the buyer again if the buyer asks the seller again, in which case the amount is increased only by a new postal charge, not by a contractual penalty.


Fragile goods and live wreaths are recommended to be taken in person. They can be sent where the risk of damage during transport is borne by the customer.




The goods sold are guaranteed for 24 months for consumers (home usage). If the Buyer is an entrepreneur (professional use), the warranty period is 6 months since the date the goods are delivered. The seller is fully responsible for hidden manufacturing and material defects within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code. The warranty does not cover defects caused by unauthorized interference, due to the use of goods for purposes other than those intended, improper storage, improper assembly, mechanical damage not caused by wear and tear resulting from normal use, in the case that the product has been subjected to excessive loads (in conflict with regulations, or by the manufacturer's recommendation), natural disasters or force majeure. The guaranteed characteristics of the goods are fully depended on the specifications stated directly by the manufacturer. The attached invoice also serves as a warranty certificate.






The complaints are governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the Consumer Protection Act. The buyer is obliged to properly inspect and check the goods when the goods are taken over. In case of damage to the package, the buyer is obliged to make a complaint immediately at the carrier, but no later than within 24 hours. Later complaints (e.g. obvious external damage caused e.g. during transport, obvious mechanical damage, etc.) will not be taken into account. The buyer is obliged to check the completeness of the delivery immediately, in case of irregularities in the quantity or type of goods delivered, to make a complaint without delay, but no later than 24 hours after the delivery of the goods. In the case of a legitimate and proven defect of the goods covered by the warranty, the Buyer has the right to its free repair or replacement. The Buyer applies the complaint to the Seller. The transport of goods to the Seller or service is paid by the Buyer.




Withdrawal from the Contract


A consumer who purchases goods by means of distance communication has, in accordance with the provisions of § 1829 par. 1 of the Civil Code the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of the performance, except for the cases referred to in provision § 1837 of the Civil Code, i.e. the consumer cannot withdraw from the contract:

  • on the providing of services, if they were fulfilled with his prior express consent before the expiry of the contract withdrawal period and the entrepreneur informed the consumer before concluding the contract that in such a case he has no right of withdrawal,



  • on


    • the supply of goods or service the price of which depends on financial market deflection, independently of the will of the entrepreneur, and which may occur within the period for contract withdrawal,


  • on


    • the supply of goods the nature of which excludes this for hygienic reasons. e.g.: face masks


  • on the supply of goods which have been modified to the consumer's wishes or for his person




the supply of perishable goods as well as goods mixed beyond recovery with other goods after delivery,



  • on the


    • repair or maintenance carried out at a place designated by the consumer at his request; however, this does not apply in the case of subsequent execution of other than requested repairs or supplies of other spare partsthan requested ones,


  • on


    • the supply of goods in closed packaging which have been removed from the packaging by the consumer and cannot be returned for hygienic reasons,


In the case of withdrawal from the contract, the contract is cancelled from the beginning, the Seller returns or replaces the Buyer and the Buyer returns or replaces all accepted performances to the Seller. In the case of withdrawal, the buyer pays only the immediate costs of returning the goods, the buyer is responsible for the decrease of the goodsvalue, which is the result of improper use in a way that causes changes in the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. The buyer who purchased the goods wrapped in sealed packaging and the packaging is already open is not entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract. This thing cannot be returned after opening the packaging for health reasons and for hygienic reasons.




These terms and conditions also include an instruction on the right of withdrawal

from the contract and a sample form for withdrawal from the contract within the meaning of provision § 1820 par. 1 letter f) par. 2 of the Civil Code and Government Regulation No. 363/2013 Coll., on a model instruction on the right of withdrawal from contracts concluded in a distance or outside business premises and a model form for withdrawal from such contracts. These documents can be downloaded here:


The buyer undertakes that if he returns the goods,

they will be sent in the original packaging, properly secured from damage. In the event that the buyer does not secure the goods he returns to the seller against mechanical damage, he agrees that the seller is entitled to recover the damage caused to him by the fact that the returned goods are no longer usable for further use.








Privacy and Data Protection


By registering or sending an order by ordering in the FLOR SERVICE Trade E-shop, the Buyer gives the Seller's consent to collect, process and archive data about the Buyer and his purchases, until such time as this consent is withdrawn. The provision of personal data is voluntary, the data subject has the right to access them and the right to their correction, including other legal rights to such data. All personal data are processed in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data, as amended. The Operator declares that the sole purpose of this archiving is to address buyers by offering the Operator's online stores, i.e. FLOR SERVICE Trade s.r.o. in the sense of occasional sending an offer to an e-mail or postal address. In the case of a request from the Buyer sent to the e-mail, all personal data of the Buyer will be immediately permanently deleted from the E-shop database of the FLOR SERVICE trade.








The company

Flor SERVICE Trade s.r.o. points out that the information on the FLOR SERVICE Trade e-shop website may contain factual and technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and may be updated without notice.All photos are for informational purposes only. The Operator is not liable to any party for damage caused by the use of information from the FLOR SERVICE Trade E-shop or the referenced websites. 







All rights reserved. All materials available on the FLOR SERVICE Trade e-shop are the property of the Operator.No part of the FLOR SERVICE Trade E-shop or the website, i.e. in particular pictures, texts, terms and conditions or any other part, unless otherwise stated, may be copied or otherwise reproduced in part or in its entirety without the written express consent of the Operator. The names and marking of products, services, companies and trading companies may be registered trademarks of their respective owners.




Final Provisions




These Terms and Conditions are valid to the extent and wording stated on the Seller's website on the date of sending the electronic order by the Buyer. The Seller and the Buyer agree that unless expressly stipulated otherwise by these Terms and Conditions, their rights and obligations are governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and, if the Buyer is a consumer, as well as by the Consumer Protection Act. Depending on the change in the relevant legal regulations as well as the Seller's commercial policy, the Seller reserves the right to unilaterally change these Terms and Conditions. This change and its effectiveness will be announced by the Company in an appropriate manner on its website and on the FLOR SERVICE Trade E-shop website. These business conditions are valid from the date of their publication on the E-shop website until the new Terms and Conditions are issued.

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infoAccording to the Act on the Registration of Sales, the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. At the same time, he is now obliged to register sales online with the tax administrator: in the event of a technical failure, no later than 48 hours.

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