Partner bracelet with purple and black agate crown

Price for 2 pcs. These partner bracelets are made of agate, decorated with a crown motif in gold and black. Partner bracelets for couples and all lovers
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These partner bracelets are made of agate, decorated with a crown motif in gold and black.

Partner bracelets for couples and all lovers

We have connected two precious stones that hide the feminine and masculine element so that you will never forget each other. And just as day cannot be without night, you two will be attracted by the magic spell that hides partner bracelets. These partner bracelets made of minerals and a crown will connect you with an invisible bond.

Agate is a stone of balance . In Feng Shui, it represents the energy of water, the energy of silence, the power of calm and purification. Pink agate strengthens love between partners, but also between parents and children. It is the "stone" of the heart. Black agate ensures peace and happiness, relieves stress, alleviates quarrels in the home and family, provides its wearer with great support and a source of strength, removes feelings of old wrongs.

Together they form an inseparable bond, if you give her a pink-violet agate bracelet, she will keep you in her heart whenever she wears it. If you give him a black agate bracelet, it will bring peace to the relationship, but at the same time passion. Together they form a couple that will overcome everything.

The bracelet is a suitable fashion accessory for both women and men.

The length of the bracelet: 19 cm is on a quality rubber band and fits everyone perfectly

Stone size: 8 mm

Material: agate

Obrázek (1)Obrázek (1)
Obrázek (2)Obrázek (2)
Obrázek (3)Obrázek (3)
Obrázek (4)Obrázek (4)
Obrázek (5)Obrázek (5)
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