Icelandic stabilized, prepared moss 1Kg orange

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Icelandic moss is stabilized, prepared. Thanks to the stabilization and preparation processes, the original appearance of the moss can be preserved, it is dyed with purely natural dyes, which guarantees a 100% ecological product. The stabilized reindeer moss we offer is of high quality, comes from the Scandinavian countries, especially from Finland, is pre-cleaned, has a small amount of forest impurities.

Moss is suitable for most types of rooms. It does not require natural or artificial light. In order for the moss to retain its color, structure and softness, it is sufficient to ensure a relatively low humidity of approximately 40 - 60%. After opening the package, it has a typical moss scent, which disappears after about 14 days.

Do not spray moss with water, do not paint with paint, do not use any chemicals.

Moss is a 100% natural product. Its appearance and color may vary.

Approximate consumption:


0.1 m2



0.25 m2



0.6-0.7 m2


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